Which videos/Programs to watch?

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The video series that should be focused on and will stand out above the others. I will list them in order of importance

KAPLAN VIDEOS:  its a must must for almost all the medical students; though it depends on the students how they watch it, I would recommend not watching Pathology because PATHOMA really covers it well, so it's not needed. But for the rest Kaplan videos are really useful for understanding the basics and knowing how things work.
My recommendation: i know they are boring so you can watch it at 1.25x speed, thats how it did it, and many others but only if it doesn't compromise the understanding.

Pathoma: like I mentioned before there is no other series that come even close to explaining pathology as well as Pathoma does. Study the video while reading the book along and you should be ready for pathology for step 1.

Doctor In Training: DIT is not for everyone, but it really really helps some people out. You should utilize them after you have reached your goal for usmle step 1 score and your exam is in less than a month, this way you can really bring all the material together in a small amount of time, I would do them in 2 weeks, this way you can have everything at your finger tips. DIT program really helps you score 10-15 point higher on the exam, so many people recommend it, but its not for everyone.

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