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There are 3 main type of Q banks known, i will list them and discuss them in order of important.

USMLE WORLD: Honestly this is all you need 

  • Very similar to the real exam 
  • Challenging questions to really test your knowledge of the material with good explanations to help you understand the concepts
Most people see the Q bank as a way to test their knowledge, but this is the wrong approach; you should be using Q bank as you would be using a book as a study material. There is so much more information that will be tested on the exam, its up to date and will add to your knowledge from the text books. 

What I recommend and this is something i learned from a good friend, you should do the Qbank subject wise, reading on the material and then going subject wise so you can really focus on the subject, fill in the blanks in your knowledge and go back and forth with the learning process. 
You must do usmle world atleast 2-3 times, make sure to absorb all the material and take your time the first time, so you don't have a problem with knowing the question and missing out on the knowledge, the 2nd or third time around. 

KAPLAN: I am not 100% sure about this Q bank because I didn't really use it; but from friends who did use it, the most benefit comes while doing the Kaplan books, cause you can really focus on the subject and I would suggest again doing it subject wise and really focusing on 1 subject at a time and knowing the material 100% .

USMLERx: In my personal opinion i would use usmlerx over other Qbanks because it does provide really good graphs and detail explanations, and it provides reference to pages on different books so if you need more info, you can always go and read about the whole topic itself. I really recommend this Qbank if you want to do something initially before USMLE WORLD.

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