Study Plan

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Study plan

What it all boils down to.

This is not exactly my study plan, it's something I learned after trying many times and finally was able to finalize this with the help of my friends.

My studying was divided into 3 parts:

 --- 1st part --

Kaplan videos + books -  Focus on kaplan and not on memorizing but on understanding the material; really know the material and i would recommend not making many notes but rather just understanding everything. Many times we hinder our studies by going back again and again cause we feel like we have forgotten the material, don't do that, just focus on studying the material and getting through it while understanding everything.
Take first NBME

-- 2nd part -- 
Review subject wise + Qbank. I would recommend first aid, and study subject wise. So the process would be to study 1 subject from first aid, and where you feel like you are weak in the subject go back to the kaplan books to study the material, and do the uworld questions with the subject. This way you are giving that particular subject your 100% undivided attention without having an anxiety attack every time a random Question is asked about a subject you haven't fully studied. At this point you also start memorizing few things so the third time you come back to it you can fully memorize it.
Take 2nd NBME

----3rd part----
First Aid + UWORLD. So this is the final step, you only thing you are doing is reading the first aid again and agian till you have internalized it fully and accompanying that with uworld. You keep revising and pushing yourself, and taking nbme to give you a good idea of your progress.

You have to do first + uworld till you reach your desire goal. and don't have a small review schedule, so you don't forget small details.

I would also recommend Doctors In Training videos at this point.

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